Fix for Netflix Watch Instantly UI change

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Netflix's web page UI recently changed such that the Watch Instantly page is now annoying to navigate. The rows of movies slide sideways if you accidentally move the cursor over certain regions on the page. These regions are annoyingly large, making it difficult to view the page without accidentally triggering the movies to slide around.

Here is a fix that works in Firefox. In your profile /chrome directory, add these two lines to the "userContent.css" file and restart Firefox. The fix works by decreasing the size of the slide activation regions (from 100px to 10px), making them less likely to accidentally trigger. There's probably a better possible fix, but this one works. As I understand it, other browsers are able to use userContent.css stylesheets, so the fix might work for them as well.

The fix:

.slider .next {width:10px !important ;}
.slider .previous {width:10px !important ;}

Arlington West Coast Swing, April 9, 2009

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The Intermediate and Advanced lessons with Anne Fleming focused on "coffee breaks", rolling through the entire time of a step. These are not syncopations. The timing is the same as the basic step. You get to the step slightly quicker and roll through the step on your foot. To contrast, perform the step picking up your feet with each step. In the Intermediate lesson, coffee breaks on the Left Side Pass and Right Side Pass w/Underarm Turn came on the 4 and 6. In the Advanced lesson, coffee breaks occur on the 4 and the 8 of a Whip. Roll in the direction of the step. For example, if stepping backwards, roll from the front of the foot to the back of the foot. For the 4 of a Whip where the Lead is stepping to the side, roll from the inside of the foot to the outside of the foot.

Isolations: Practice shoulder isolations with hands on things to prevent them from moving. Similarly Practice rib isolations with your butt against the wall or while seated.

LifeType permalink and future posts bugs

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Ran into a LifeType bug where permalinks to some articles posted close to midnight don't work. The permalinks lead to a "Error: The article you specified could not be found." page. The bug ID is #1018. Apparently, there's a problem when calculated time offsets result in the time crossing the midnight boundary. I might have brought out the bug by changing the blog time offset from -05:00 to -04:00 (to account for Daylight Saving Time). One workaround is to change the blog time offset to zero. Another workaround, the one I used, is to change the publish time on blog articles so they aren't within 4-5 hours of midnight.

Ran into another LifeType bug where entries with future publish dates don't automatically get added to the front page. The problem has something to do with caching and the workaround is to set template_cache_lifetime to some value other than -1. Instead of doing that, I think that I'll just avoid posting entries with future dates.

Arlington, April 2, 2009 notes

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West Coast Swing lessons at Arlington, April 2, 2009.

  • Basic lesson with Jon Schimmel: left side pass, right side pass with under arm turn, push break, whip.
  • Intermediate lesson with Anne Fleming: Handshake hold left inside roll, with R. arm over head and Follow's R. hand on L. shoulder
  • Advanced lesson with Anne Fleming: Whip with Lead CW turn under arm down slot and Follow CCW free turn

Soap 1, December 31, 2008

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Soap 1 was a cold process soap made on December 31, 2008. 
1. 48 wt. oz. palm oil shortening
2. 32 wt. oz. lard
3. 24 wt. oz. olive oil 
4. 13.75 wt oz. lye
5. 28 oz water
6. approx 80 drops citrus oil fragrance


Installed LifeType

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Installed Blosxom, but soon found that it wouldn't be easily usable for my needs out of the box. LifeType seems to be the open source blog software that will be the most suitable.